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WooCommerce shop with over 2 million articles published

Is there a limit to the number of products in WordPress shops that run with WooCommerce? After all, WooCommerce is not a "real" shop system. We hear these and similar statements again and again. However, most of these and similar prejudices are not or no longer true.


At the end of 2020, we set up a shop with the website"Meine Erlebnisbox" (My Experience Box), of which we also did not know 100% beforehand whether this could actually be realised (and of course discussed this fact clearly with the customer in advance). Unfortunately, we couldn't find any information about whether a WooCommerce shop of a similar size already existed in the run-up to the project. It is a shop with no less than 2 million articles, based on WooCommerce.


To cut a long story short: it worked (almost) without problems. The articles were provided from an external database and had to be imported. In addition, the hosting provider must of course have the corresponding resources. In addition to the storage space and the database size, this also includes the corresponding server limits for the long import sessions.


All in all, we can say that the project was a complete success at the end of the day. Besides WordPress as CMS with WooCommerce as shop system, the website was implemented with Elementor-Pro.

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