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Over 250 participants in the Elementor video course

In August 2020, we published our first video course"Creating a website with WordPress & Elementor Pro" on Udemy. In this 6-hour course, which is divided into several chapters, the user learns all the essential steps to create their own website with WordPress and Elementor. In the meantime, over 250 people have booked our online course. With an overall rating of 4.2/5 out of 33 reviews, we are very happy. In the coming year 2022, we plan to publish more video courses, including how to create websites with Oxygen Builder, as well as in-depth topics on Elementor.


The creation of video courses and their publication on Udemy are the first harbingers of the planned in-house Pinguinweb Academy, a learning platform for users and agencies for the efficient creation and optimisation of websites.


In addition to the video courses created, two books (both print and digital editions) on website creation with WordPress and Elementor and the Oxygen Builder will also be published in German in the coming year 2022.

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