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Pinguinweb relies on Oxygen as well as Elementor

Since the end of 2020, we have also relied on the Oxygen Pagebuilder in addition to Elementor. At the beginning of 2021, the Pinguinweb website was published as the first project with Oxygen and sets new standards in many respects, especially in terms of page speed. In the meantime, the first customer projects have also been finalised with KMS AG, Graphic Competence Center Deutschland and TAM Akademie. Here, too, the outstanding Core Web Vitals are the main beneficiaries.

pinguinweb.de radically designed for pagespeed

Anyone who takes a closer look at the new design of pinguinweb.de will notice that it is radically designed for page speed. With loading times of 0.5 seconds, impressive values are achieved here. Especially when you consider that page builders always have the reputation of slowing down websites. "We use our own website as a reference for pagespeed optimisation. We want to show what is possible with our combination of WordPress and Oxygen or Elementor," explains Oliver Nitz.

Customer projects also impress with top values

But even without such an extreme design for page speed, our client projects impress with spectacular core web vitals. For example, the core renovation of the TAM Academy reduced the loading time by approx. 75%, while the design, including various sliders on subpages, remained almost unchanged.

Elementor vs Oxygen: which page builder is better?

"This question cannot be answered clearly and depends on the respective project and its prioritisation," Oliver Nitz clarifies. "If you focus completely on the topic of pagespeed, Oxygen is the clear favourite. However, the creation effort and thus the price for the creation of an Oxygen website is much higher. In addition, Elementor benefits from a huge community and many useful plugins that are not always available for Oxygen in this form. So - as is so often the case - it always depends on the individual case."

Online shops also possible with Oxygen

By the way, Oxygen is not only suitable for creating websites, but also enables the creation of online shops with WooCommerce. We will publish new information on this shortly.
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