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When relaunching your website, you not only have something to gain, but also something to lose: namely your existing conversion rate and your existing Google rankings. In order to avoid such losses, we we take a close look at your current website before designing your new one and website and incorporate the results of our analysis into the into the new conception.

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1. website analysis

a) Video analysis and heatmaps of visitor behaviour

Before we eagerly get to work on your new website, we need to get a comprehensive impression of your existing website beforehand, so that rankings and conversions can improve after the relaunch. We record (anonymized) videos of your visitors' sessions. This way, we can precisely analyze their behavior on the website and thus get starting points for revisions.

b) Analysis of Google rankings

The existing Google rankings are of course a central topic during the website relaunch. We therefore get an overview of the keywords for which your website is found.

c) Evaluation of your visitor data

The visitor data also provides us with supplementary information about the origin and behaviour of your visitors as well as, for example, bounce rates of individual sub-pages.

d) Analysis of structure and content

The structure of the website and the content of the individual subpages play an important role for conversion rates and Google rankings. We therefore look at the content and determine what needs to be revised for the website relaunch, can be summarized, etc..

2. restructuring and conception

a) Restructuring of the sitemap

The restructuring of the sitemap is an important basis in the relaunch process. It serves to maintain and increase Google rankings and ensures that visitors can find their way around quickly and easily. Here, content is first rearranged and it is determined which content is placed on which subpage.

b) Graphic design creation

Now that we know through the analysis which elements work on your existing website and how the sitemap structure will look like after the relaunch, we can start with the graphical conception of the new website.

c) Content revision

Based on the results of the analysis, we begin with the content conception of the new website and the design of the graphic layouts. The content marked for revision will be revised and new content will be produced. Don't worry: we tell you how it should be done.

d) Conversion optimization included

Within the scope of the content revision and the design creation, we accordingly attach great importance to making your website as conversion-friendly as possible after the relaunch.

3. technical implementation

Now follows the technical implementation of the project. We keep an eye on all SEO-relevant factors with the help of various tools already during the creation. The development takes place on one of our servers. Your existing website remains unchanged accessible during the entire project.

a) Technical creation of the website

In the first step, the graphic designs are implemented as templates in the CMS. The implementation is done with the Elementor editor in WordPress.

b) Loading time optimization (pagespeed)

Already during the programming we keep an eye on the later performance of the new website and know, for example, when individual elements need to be optimized again.

4. go live and optimization

This last phase of the relaunch process is definitely the most exciting and thrilling: We move the newly created website to your server and thus replace the existing website. 

a) Creation of 301 redirections

As soon as the content and URLs of the new website are final, we create all necessary 301 redirects for subpages, images and documents. This is one of the most important steps. This ensures that your new website is represented in Google search results even after go-live. 301 redirects work like digital forwarding requests for subpages, images and documents.

b) Go-Live of the new website

We move your new site from our server to yours and take all necessary measures to replace the old website. Immediately afterwards, caching and pagespeed tools are set in motion to deliver the new website to your visitors with optimal performance. The relaunch process is completed with this step.

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