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If the front end isn't the problem....

In many cases, the problem of a website is not in the front-end, but in the back-end. In such a case, a core renovation of the website is the best solution, where the frontend remains the same and only the backend is replaced. Classic use cases for a website core renovation are for example:

  • The existing CMS cannot be updated without serious effort.
  • New functions are desired, which can only be realized with great effort in the current CMS.
  • The maintenance and customization effort of your current CMS is enormous
  • Your current CMS or theme is corrupted
  • Their website is powered by WordPress but was not implemented well.
  • We replace your existing CMS with a modern WordPress variant
  • The look and content of your website remain 1:1
  • Implementation possible in a short time
  • fixed-price billing
  • Further functions can be added at any time

Why Penguinweb?

Because success needs a solid foundation.

You can get beautiful websites everywhere. But pure beauty is no guarantee for success. That's why you get much more than a design from us. The following four characteristics make the cooperation with us unique.

Flexible and fast. We build every project on the same technical basis. So every website can be transformed into any imaginable form and function either right at the beginning or later: Blog, shop, portal or corporate website. In addition to this flexibility, you benefit from a fast implementation speed and the fact that we have already found a solution for every problem. And by the way, thanks to Elementor and Oxygen, it's also a huge pleasure for you to make changes to your website yourself later on.

We are not classic web developers, but first and foremost entrepreneurs with our own projects, websites and shops. You benefit from this spirit, as we give you a variety of additional tips from the areas of conversion optimization, positioning and product policy. Therefore, we always want to understand your business model and your customers first, before we start working together on the conception of your project.

Sure, it's on every agency's website. But we mean more than just maintaining your metatitles. Our entire basic setup already takes into account pagespeed factors. Additionally, we have defined clear processes for the creation of subpages and templates in order to achieve the best possible results in the Google Core Web Vitals. This building block is rounded off by the use of professional hosting solutions and caching solutions included in every project. You benefit from better Google rankings and more successful advertising campaigns.

It has always been part of our DNA to offer our customers and prospects a clear and comprehensible pricing model. We therefore offer a large part of our services at fixed prices, which you can find directly on our website. For flexible support, our service packages are suitable, where you always have an overview of the hours used.

Unlimited possibilities for your website

During a website core renovation, we can of course not simply replace the CMS of your website, but have to rebuild it from scratch based on the model of your existing website.

The tools with which we equip your WordPress CMS for this purpose ensure that you benefit from an almost endless selection of design and functional options in the subsequent operation of your website.

The technical setup of your website will be so flexible after the core renovation that you will be able to customize and extend your website as you wish without much effort. Each of our websites offers the possibility to use a variety of functions without any programming knowledge.


The perfect CMS for all projects. It offers a stable software and a huge marketplace for plugins.


This editor is used when pagespeed and clean source code have absolute priority.


The tool for online shops. From one to several million products, everything is possible here.

Elementor Pro

Incredibly large selection of elements, animations and almost unlimited design possibilities.

"81% of all success stories start on a Monday."

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