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Pinguinweb is a WordPress web design agency based in Essen, Germany. Our services cover all areas around the creation, revision (relaunch) and marketing of online presences such as websites and online shops. Pinguinweb was founded in 2012 with the aim of producing websites and shops with an entrepreneurial approach that combine the components of design, SEO and marketing in an overall concept. In the course of time, we have specialised above all in sophisticated relaunches, where we can make perfect use of our skills in the areas of analysis, conceptual design, planning and implementation.

Our team is expert in using visual page builders such as Elementor and Oxygen. The load times and core web vitals of our websites are impressive and enable a sustainable increase your Google rankings. The visual page builders Elementor and Oxygen visual page builders provide maximum flexibility and fun in the ongoing maintenance of your website.

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WordPress Elementor & Oxygen
WordPress Websites & Shops

Websites & Shops

We have put together the perfect setup for websites and shops. A setup that offers you unlimited possibilities in design, scope and functionality. Plus the flexibility to add more functions at any time.

Core Web Vitals Optimisation

We convert your existing website to WordPress or make your WordPress website blazing fast. With spectacular load times and top Core Web Vitals.
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Core Web Vitals Optimisation

Web design projects


WordPress & Oxygen
website basic package scaled

TAM Academy

WordPress & Oxygen
website basic package scaled

"incredibly flexible"

The combination of WordPress and Oxygen makes us incredibly flexible. We can always change the presentation of our product and category pages and adapt them to the needs of our customers or add new features.

GCC Germany

WordPress & Oxygen
website basic package scaled

"simple and understandable"

Oliver & Penguinweb have been with us for years. Oliver not only knows what he is talking about, but can also convey his knowledge simply and understandable for everyone. I feel in good hands with him with every question.

Coffee Mogul

WordPress, WooCommerce & Elementor
website basic package scaled

"Visibility increased fivefold"

Top website relaunch incl. SEO coaching. Visibility of the website has increased fivefold after relaunch. Fast, competent implementation.

Black Forest Holiday Home

WordPress & Oxygen
website basic package scaled

"we are totally satisfied"

Top service! Competent advice! Very nice contact! We are totally satisfied. Many thanks for the permanently good company!

Barkhofen pet food

WordPress & Oxygen
website basic package scaled
why penguinweb scaled

Why Penguinweb?

Because success needs a solid foundation.

You can get beautiful websites everywhere. But pure beauty is no guarantee for success. That's why you get much more than a design from us. The following four characteristics make the cooperation with us unique.

Flexible and fast. We build every project on the same technical basis. So every website can be transformed into any imaginable form and function either right at the beginning or later: Blog, shop, portal or corporate website. In addition to this flexibility, you benefit from a fast implementation speed and the fact that we have already found a solution for every problem. And by the way, thanks to Elementor and Oxygen, it's also a huge pleasure for you to make changes to your website yourself later on.

We are not classic web developers, but first and foremost entrepreneurs with our own projects, websites and shops. You benefit from this spirit, as we give you a variety of additional tips from the areas of conversion optimization, positioning and product policy. Therefore, we always want to understand your business model and your customers first, before we start working together on the conception of your project.

Sure, it's on every agency's website. But we mean more than just maintaining your metatitles. Our entire basic setup already takes into account pagespeed factors. Additionally, we have defined clear processes for the creation of subpages and templates in order to achieve the best possible results in the Google Core Web Vitals. This building block is rounded off by the use of professional hosting solutions and caching solutions included in every project. You benefit from better Google rankings and more successful advertising campaigns.

It has always been part of our DNA to offer our customers and prospects a clear and comprehensible pricing model. We therefore offer a large part of our services at fixed prices, which you can find directly on our website. For flexible support, our service packages are suitable, where you always have an overview of the hours used.


Like penguins in water

flexible & fast.

"You can't just do that" - "It has to be custom programmed" - "We have to rebuild everything to do that"....

...I couldn't and didn't want to hear these sentences anymore. I wanted to offer websites that adapt to the business of our customers as quickly and nimbly as a penguin in the water. Today like this, and tomorrow different again if it is necessary. Without any specification whether blog, shop, portal or business card. With the full flexibility like an individual programming with a big budget. But faster and cheaper. Scalable and expandable at any time.

This has always been my goal for Pinguinweb. And we have reached this goal. We are ready for your project.

Are we the right web design agency for you?

For us, web design means transferring your ideas into the digital world. In doing so, we are happy to go the extra mile for you to make things easy for you later on. We are not looking for the fastest way to complete your web design project, but for the best. We give you answers to questions you haven't even asked yet during the preliminary meeting.
Are you looking for a web design agency that will implement all your wishes and ideas without thinking? Then you're in the wrong place, because we see a clear division of roles in all web design projects: you are the expert for your business - and we are for the implementation on the web. Of course, we take your wishes and ideas into account, but always with the three important pillars of design, user-friendliness and search engine optimisation in focus.
Success is achieved when a web design project is planned and implemented holistically. We measure ourselves by the success of your project. And we expect the same from you.

We are relaunch specialists

When it comes to the successful relaunch of your website or shop, there is probably not only a requirement for a design refresh. Rather, it is about increasing existing rankings, a target group-oriented improvement of the user experience as well as an increase in conversions. To achieve this for you, we rely on our experience in the areas of SEO, conversion optimisation and web design from a single source. Every relaunch is preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the existing website.
Losses in ranking and conversion rates after relaunches are a common problem and have nothing to do with changing the content management system, for example, but are the result of inadequate planning and analysis. We believe that a relaunch process should not start with the design of a new layout, but with the analysis of visitor behaviour on the existing website. Before we start designing a new layout, we analyse the behaviour of your visitors using analytics data and video recordings and get a picture not only of your current SEO rankings, but of how they came about. Only when the overall picture of your existing website's performance is clear and goals are clearly defined do we start designing your relaunch.

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