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Core Web Vitals Optimisation

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Google Core Web Vitals are ranking factor

Loading time is no longer the only technical optimisation criterion for websites. With the Page Experience Update in August 2021, the so-called Core Web Vitals have become one of the most important ranking factors for websites and shops. If optimisation is inadequate, website and shop operators can expect massive ranking losses.

Impressive pagespeed values possible

In a Core Web Vitals optimisation, we first analyse your existing website and identify the reasons for non-compliance. In the next step, we then decide whether an optimisation of the existing website (only for WordPress websites) is possible or whether the site has to be rebuilt from scratch. This is a so-called core renovation, as the front end of the website should remain largely unchanged, while a large part of the optimisation is carried out based on the code structure. At the end of the measures, your website will achieve impressive pagespeed values with loading times of up to less than one second.

Key Facts:

Analysis of the existing website
Decision: Optimisation or core renovation
Frontend remains unchanged
CMS change to WordPress if required
Ladezeiten < 1 Sekunde möglich
All values in the green range (incl. mobile values)
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Our WordPress setup for core renovations

Of course, with a website core renovation, we can't just replace the engine of your website, we have to rebuild it from scratch based on the model of your existing website. The tools with which we equip your WordPress CMS for this purpose ensure that you benefit from an almost endless selection of design and functional options when operating your website later on. The technical setup of your website will be so flexible after the core renovation that you will be able to adapt and expand your website as you wish without much effort. Each of our websites offers the possibility to use a wide range of functions without any programming knowledge.
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The perfect CMS for all projects. It offers a stable software and a huge marketplace for plugins.


This editor is used when pagespeed and clean source code have absolute priority.



The tool for online shops. From one to several million products, everything is possible here.


Elementor Pro

Incredibly large selection of elements, animations and almost unlimited design possibilities.

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