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Like penguins in water

flexible & fast.

"You can't just do that" - "It has to be custom programmed" - "We have to rebuild everything to do that"....

...I couldn't and didn't want to hear these sentences anymore. I wanted to offer websites that adapt to the business of our customers as quickly and nimbly as a penguin in the water. Today like this, and tomorrow different again if it is necessary. Without any specification whether blog, shop, portal or business card. With the full flexibility like an individual programming with a big budget. But faster and cheaper. Scalable and expandable at any time.

This has always been my goal for Pinguinweb. And we have reached this goal. We are ready for your project.

Websites & Shops

Smart solutions with WordPress.

We create websites with WordPress. We put together the perfect setup for websites and shops. A setup that offers you unlimited possibilities in design, scope and functionality. Plus the flexibility to add more features at any time without having to redesign your website.


Core renovation

CMS change and rebuild

You want to switch from your existing CMS to a modern setup with WordPress? Or you need a clean website with good core web vitals? We leave your website as it is on the outside and modernize the core.


Other services

All about online.

In addition to creating websites and shops with WordPress, we offer a wide range of online services. From maintenance services to product photos.


Current work

Every project writes its own story.


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Penguins don't fly!

Want to see a penguin reach its full potential? Looking for tools, hacks and tricks to teach the penguin to fly? Put him in the water. Then you will see what he is capable of.

It's a similar story with your website visitors. Don't expect your visitors to suddenly become customers through tools, hacks and tricks. Rather, meet their expectations and needs.

That's exactly what we do. Understanding your business and making it work in the digital world. That's why we are entrepreneurs rather than web developers.

Because the best swimmers are not fish but birds ;-)

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